NoProfit?NoPay! (reg) with the Prophet of Profit” (reg) since Feb 2004 (A subsidiary of Pty Ltd established 1997)
“Australia’s Best Kept Secret”

At ‘’ you can access what selected Radio TAB clients have had for over 17 years!
A superior, professional gallops weekend racing & selection service that YOU DO NOT PAY FOR UNLESS YOU WIN! Or choose for only $20 per year to recieve our top tip each Saturday and Sunday and Public holiday. Current strike rate about 40%.


  1. One off $20 joining fee to join NoProfit? NoPay! Club to cover set up costs. Click Here to join
  2. No advance subscriptions! You never pay for information you do not use because of holidays, I’ll health, social occasions etc as long as you let us know by 5 pm Friday before the weekend racing.
  3. Losses or break even are not charged for and your selections for next weekend are automatically sent out by email (printable PDF attachment) unless you request otherwise by 5 pm Friday.
  4. Only $20 a win no matter how much you win! Pay after you win! See payment methods in F
  5. You can go on hold as often as you like for as long as you like, no charge, just let us know by 5 pm Friday before you want to reactivate for that weekend.



We look at all races in Australia for weekend racing. We do not select horses in low class races or those running on rain affected tracks.

You have the option of Saturday racing only, Sunday racing only, or both and you are welcome to change at any time as long as you let us know by 5 pm the Friday before Saturday’s racing.



  1. STAND OUTS – Top rated selections wins only.  We send 4 selections in rating order for each race with suggested investment prices. If the return using Sportsbet prices shows a profit that is classed as a win. We also show you a betting system using all 4 horses depending on prices, but if that wins and the top rated’s don’t that is your good luck, as it is if Top Fluctuations pay higher than starting price, which often happens.
  2. EXOTICS – Exactly the same as above except the criteria includes any suggested Quinellas using the 4 selections.
  3. TREBLES – We send you our ratings in the treble legs for all major meetings in Australia apart from those on rain affected tracks. We then indicate outlay and by a 1 to bet or 0 not to bet. A win is when the total of all suggested trebles exceeds the total of their outlays.
    If you make money from those we have not suggested you bet on that is your good luck.
  4. QUADRELLAS – Same principle as above except for 4 races instead of 3.
  5. TRIFECTAS – We send you a number of suggested races for trifecta betting with ratings going 8 deep and a * indicating at least a length between horses.
    From many years of analysis for this mathematically complex form of betting we have developed a winning formula that approximates computerised betting plans but is easy to remember and that is 2/5/8 i.e top two rated to win, those and next 3 for 2nd, and those 5 and next 3 for 3rd and that is your only winning criteria. If you can make money out of our selections e.g. by boxing,  and 3rd or 4th rated horse wins, that is your good luck. We will only ask for a winning fee if our 2/5/8 combination generates a profit.  The 2/5/8 combination costs $48 for a $1 unit. Email us for more specific information. 
  6. FIRST 4’S – Same principle as above except formula is 3/5/6/8 (mathematically it should really be 3/5/8/8 but that makes the outlay too much) again if you can make money using the 8 selections outside of the 3/5/6/8 criteria e.g. you may win with 3/5/7/8 then that is not included in the win criteria and the win is all yours.

NB:- These different bet types carry varying degrees of risk/returns and as always the higher the risk the bigger the return, so with numbers 3,4,5,6 there maybe longer periods between wins, but when they come they are bigger wins and we usually end up in front at the end of a year and so should you particularly as YOU NEVER PAY FOR LOSING INFORMATION.



Yes, you can, just be aware that every bet type carries a $20 winning fee so if you took all 6 and they all won by satisfying the criteria your winning fees would be 6 X $20 = $120

Again you can change bet types as often as you like or add or drop bet types as often as you like e.g. you may usually get stand outs only but at carnival time when the horses are good and the fields big enough add trifectas, or 1st 4’s – just let us know by 5 pm the Friday before the weekend racing.
17 years of stats have shown that it is prudent to have a minimum of two e.g.stand outs or exotics with trifectas, trebles, 1st4s or Quads, as often one will have a good day and cover the other if it has a loss.



After hours of analysis, our basic work sheet is an excel form which we convert into a PDF and send out by email to your email address, so you can access and print from your computer, ipad, mobile etc.
The exact same excel is filled in with the results and sent to you as a PDF so we are completely transparent and there is never any doubt about whether a win has been achieved.
If you would like results from bet types you are not active in say for example to monitor if one bet type is in a winning cycle just email or text us and ask.



  1. By credit card off his site  just click on shop, winning payment and CBA will take Visa, MasterCard and Diners Club. We never see your Credit Card details unless  you give them to us and ask us to process wins for you.
    As long as you payment is received by Friday the next weekends information will be delivered to you.
  2. By bank transfer – BSB 112 879 Acct No 106706028 St.George
  3. By Cheque – make out to post to PO Box 7750; GCMC; Qld 9726
  4.  AND NOW by using Qoin, the digital currency you can actually spend, by transferring the amount to the wallet address 0x12454d52746A2DCDb7b3e3F9fC0b23Dc0E2628C0